The ESSHC Women and Gender network invites proposals for individual papers and sessions (3-4 speakers, a chair and a commentator) focusing on interconnections between practice and theory in applying gender-sensitive historical analysis. We would like to discuss the following questions during our forthcoming conference:

  • What is the place of theory in current and future gender history – is it needed or wanted?
  • How does gender as an analytical category inspire the theorizing of history today?
  • How is gender history responding to challenges posted by queer, LGBT, and non-categorical gender studies?
  • Or the challenges posed by globalization, religious change, or mobility?
  • Has history used up the potential of ‘gender’ as an analytical tool or can we find new ways of theorizing and approaching it?
  • What role does gender theory play in contemporary memory politics?
  • How is gender history used and abused in today’s societies?

The Women and Gender network also invites submissions on suffrage and enfranchisement.

Please, send your proposal by 15 April 2019 at pre-registering on the ESSHC website here:

The Thirteenth European Social Science History Conference is organized by the International Institute of Social History in cooperation with Leiden University.

The Conference fee will be Euro 200 for participants who pay in advance before 1 January 2020 (early bird), Euro 250 for participants who pay in advance but after 1 January 2020 (normal fee) and Euro 300 for participants who pay at the conference. One- day attendance will be Euro 100, Euro 125 and Euro 150 resp. Students pay Euro 90, 110 or 125. For further information and the online pre-registration form for the Conference please go to our website: